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Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait 1 Box(4 Tubes)
Mfc: Syngenta
Brand:  advion
List Price:  $31.49
Price: $25.01
Get unbeatable, professional results in infestation elimination with new Advion Roach Bait Gel. Advion Roach Bait Gel is powered by a unique, high-per [more info..]

Snap-E Mouse Trap-6 Pack
Mfc: Kness
Price: $11.20
Snap-E Mouse TrapSnap-E Mouse Trap eliminates pest mice and chipmunks. This is a great rodent pest control trap. With the Snap-E, it's the end of th [more info..]

Grannick's Bitter Apple for Dogs Spray Bottle, 16 Ounces
Mfc: Grannick's Bitter Apple
Brand:  Grannick's
List Price:  $20.73
Price: $8.99
Original Spray for Dogs. Discourages fur biting, hair chewing and hot spots. Sizes available: 118AT: 8 oz. 24/case 1116AT: 16 oz. 12/case.

Sawyer Products SP657 Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent Trigger Spray, 24-Ounce (Spray Bottle Color May Vary)
Mfc: Amazon - Sawyer
Brand:  Sawyer Products
List Price:  $14.99
Price: $14.71
For use on clothing, tents, and other gear, Sawyer Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent not only repels insects, it actually kill ticks, mo [more info..]

Bed Bug Killer by EcoRaider, 100% Fast Kill and Extended Protection, Green & Non-toxic, " Most Effective Natural Bed Bug spray" by Entomological Society of America Journal Publication 16 oz
Mfc: Reneotech
Brand:  EcoRaider
List Price:  $19.99
Price: $19.95
Preferred by professional exterminators and recommended by research entomologists, EcoRaider is the only natural product that kills bed bugs with 1 [more info..]

LINK Innovation Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Control-Electronic Plug In-Repelling for Insects-Roaches , Flies, Ants, Mice
Mfc: LINK Innovation
List Price:  $48.99
Price: $16.99
LINK Innovation Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Repels pests forever Are pests living and growing in your home, between the walls, in the kitc

TERRO T300B 2-Pack Liquid Ant Baits
Mfc: Terro
List Price:  $11.79
Price: $11.24
Pre-filled. No drips or mess. Ants carry Terro back to the nest where it destroys the entire colony. Each box contains 6 baits.

Repel 100 Insect Repellent, 4 oz. Pump Spray, Single Bottle
Mfc: Repel
Price: $5.59
The repel 100 uses a 98.1-percent deet formula to provide complete protection from mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, chiggers, no-see-ums, and biting flies. U [more info..]

Repel 94101 6-Ounce Sportsmen Max Insect Repellent 40-Percent DEET Pump Spray, Case Pack of 1
Mfc: Repel
List Price:  $6.99
Price: $4.99
Repel Sportsmen Max Pump 40-percent DEET, 6-ounce - 94101

Harris Diatomaceous Earth Powder Duster
Mfc: PF Harris
Brand:  Harris
Price: $8.99
The Harris Diatomaceous Earth Powder Duster is easily loadable and a great way to efficiently spread a light dusting of powder indoors or outdoors. Si [more info..]

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